Artful Ikebana exhibition in Nagoya – Sogetsu


Before writing a story about schools of Japanese Ikebana, I think it better to define the term of “school” used in this section. The school of Ikebana (“Ikebana Ryuha” in Japanese) means a group of Ikebana artists who follow the same style of flower arrangement developed by the founder of a group.

As we often find factions or cliques in the world of politicians or statesmen, there are so many schools (Ikebana artist groups) in the Japanese Ikebana world. Some of them are big and well established having a very long history. Some of them are small. Some are young and they have a short period of history. No matter which group or faction it is, the origin and the basic forms and the philosophy are almost the same and there are so many similarities in the main concept although we find a slight difference reflected in the way of floral arrangements.

The RYUHA I have been putting myself on for this past 12 yrs is Sogetsu.
Of course the basic of Sogetsu and the philosophy are the same as the traditional ikebana as well, however, in my personal opinion, Sogetsu is more artful, open minded and flexible than very traditional schools.
I was taught a concept that “more flowers and our traditions in daily life” that is why Sogetsu has not only traditional ways but also open minded and flexible ways of arranging flowers.

Anyway, I’ve been to a big exhibition in Nagoya of Sogetsu to help some in stead of my master who has been sick.
There were small arrangements as well as these big stuff I took photos.
As you can see, they are very artful and more like some art objects than Ikebana. Some people may say that this is not Ikebana! But as I said earlier, Sogetsu has also open minded ways and philosophy living with flowers;)

Very enjoyed so want to share some with you.













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