Event flyer illustration – collaboration with Detell


This flyer is for an upcoming small event my local friends will hold on March 15th. Invite good DJs from cities nearby, connecting people by good music enjoying it. This is the main aim of the event. There is no borders like age, genres, where they come from, occupations and etc…for true music lovers. Meet new friends and Expand our world through enjoying music.

2回目のknot. 素晴らしい才能の持ち主のDetellさんとちょいコラボ。彼の絵はそのままでパーフェクトなので、邪魔しない程度に彼の絵のもつパワーを強調できるように、少しだけ描かせてもたいました。力強いものに真逆の繊細なタッチのものを少しだけたすといいバランスになるかと。文字も絵の上に重ねるのではなくて、文字と絵が相互に引きたて合えるように気をつけました。

I collaborated with a very very talented painter Detell for this flyer. His art is very soulful, has masculine power and feel some music rhythm in it. What he did for the flyer is perfect as it is so I only added back ground and patterns just a little to it in order to make the most of what his illustration has.
I think his powerful art can go well with my delicate pencil drawing patterns.

This is his original illustration.

For more Detell’s artwork, please go to his FB Detell <-Detellさんの絵をもっと見たい方はこちら


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