Iris – Ikebana


Iris ikebana I did today. Iris usually blooms in the late of April to June and Spring hasn’t come, yet so felt quite earlier doing ikebana with this material but they were very eye catching in the flower shop. 野花菖蒲

This is one of my favorite iris painting by Ogata Korin. I often went to Metropolitan museum to enjoy this painting when I was an art student in NYC. Sitting in front of this painting all by my self, looking at this graceful master piece without thinking or talking, just feel the power of it. It felt just great and was a prescious energy charge moment for me. If you live near NYC, just go MET museum and try;)


This one is by Van Gogh. He is also one of my favorite painters. I went to his museum and took this iris painting photo when I was in Amsterdam.

Both paintings are much much powerful and more beautiful in person as you know.


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