Green Annabelle hydrangeas & Clematis – Ikebana


Hydrangea has come to sybolize the rainy season in Japan. We have a few Hydrangea tree in my house garden. Most of the flowers are in blue and there are some in pink. The colors of Hydrangea flowers are up to the percentage of pH in the soil except some kinds of hydrangeas(there are some that stay the same colors regardless of pH percentage in soil such as this Anabelle Hydrangea) . In strongly acid soil, flowers turn to blue. In alkaline soil, flowers turn to Pink or Red. and In slightly acid or neutral soil, Blooms may be purple or a mix of blue and pink in a sigle shrub. The Original strain of Hydrangeas were from Japan and mainly in blue, It was introduced to China first and then all over Europe. After centuries of breeding, numerous varieties have been developed and new colors, brought out. Hydrangeas is AJISAI in Japanese which originally meant “a Gathering Of Indigo Blues”.

梅雨といえば紫陽花。今では多種ある紫陽花ですが、原産は日本らしいです。日本から中国、シルクロードを渡ってヨーロッパへ伝わったそう。土のpHで色が変わる紫陽花。原種は青色(藍)で、”あず”=集 ”さ”=真 ”あい”=藍 アズサアイ 本物の藍で染めたような花が集まって咲く花という意味。 花言葉は移り気とか浮気とか色が変わるせいか、あまりよい印象ではないですが、今日私が使ったアナベルは”神の信頼”だそう。 そして色々ありますが、一緒にたてたクレマチス(鉄線)の花言葉は”美しい心””旅人の喜び”。…なるほど :)

flowers花: Green Annabelle hydrangeas グリーンアナベル and Clematisクレマチス(鉄線)

container: Glass Suiban(shallow flower vase) ガラスの水盤




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