Floating Dahlias on a Boat – full flower moon night


It was the full moon night. May’s full moon is called Full Flower moon. I saw the amazing full moon clearly here in Japan outside:) Two Dahlias are cuddling up and floating on a boat… Romantic mood Ikebana
満月、綺麗でした。5月の満月はfull flower moonと呼ばれるそうです。二つの丸いダリアが寄り添うようにボートの上に浮かんでます。

This is nothing to do with the full moon…just my Embroidery work. こちらは満月とは関係ありませんが、丸という事で…刺繍ワーク


get yourself outside to see the splendid full moon and feel the warm nice air and the beautiful universe tonight;)

Just a Nice opera music for listening then
Antonin Dvorak – Rusalka – Song To The Moon 
オペラ ルサルカ の一曲



  1. Yes, yesterday there was a beautiful full moon, like a great silver plate hanging over the dark blue sky. I saw it on some thousands kilometers far from you but with the same beauty!
    Good day!


      Hi Rafael,
      Nice to hear that you could see the same amazing full moon there.
      Have a good weekend:)

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