Spread Wings – Pencil casual drawing


Casual drawing. the inspiration of this was from a friend who is flying (She is a CA)…actually it is about myself but she made me remembered that the importance and the great feeling of to keep having wide mental horizon which I have forgotten lately.

翼…ラフスケッチ。最近… 広い視野を持ち続けるの大切さと素晴らしい感覚をちょっと忘れてしまっておりました。(私の言っている広い視野とは決して薄くて浅いということではなくてね) あることで思い出しました。世界は広いようで狭い、小さいようで大きい、同じようで違う、違うようで似ている…面白いことがいっぱい…<3 言葉では良く表せません。spread my wings and getting ready な感じです。

pencil on cardboard 鉛筆 ダンボール


Nearski’s Exhibition will be held in Osaka Japan soon. He is a very talented artist who is from England, currently lives in Osaka Japan, is also known as a member of a Hip Hop crew ASM(A State Of Mind). His art is so inspiring and motivating! looking forward to collaboration with him again soon!



past collaboration work with Nearski. 以前の彼とのコラボレーションワークです。

photo 1


photo 2

ASM(a state of mind)


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