Fickle Clouds (a sketch a day) & review of A Japanese movie


Today’s my a sketch a day. I got an inspiration for this daily work from some clouds in the sky I watched… In spring, the weather here is unstable and suddenly unpredictably changes untill it gets completely warm. …as if you can have every weathers in a day… Some feeling of the fickle clouds in the moody spring weather.

今日のa sketch a day work。白い雲、黒い雲、色んな灰色の雲、さまざまな形になる雲、ぶつかり合い調和し色んな表情をみせてくれる、この季節を感じて。


Today’s my motivation song is new stuff by Sene whom I did some artwork for his EP and Album before:) 今日の元気の出る曲は、以前にアートワークを提供させていただいたSeneのニューソング Casanova。今回はラップではなく女性にも聴きやすい素敵な曲!
Casanova – Denitia and Sene

this is one of my work for him. Sene&Bluの時にやらせていただいたアートワークの一つ


Putting talking about my art aside, I went to see a Japanese movie today. “Wara no Tate”(Shield of Straw) which was recently elected as an official film in Canne film festival. I guess Japanese movies are unfamilier to people who like Hollywood movies…. I was actuallly impressed by the movie I watched today… to be honest, I was kinda prejudice about Japanese “recent” movies because most of them are like what people know as “Anime” for children or some nerdy(sorry!) adults or some boring stuff which I felt unreal or that leaves nothing after…. but the movie I watched today was really good. I could even feel some sort of spirits of Japanese Bushi that I think it is also a common feeling for everyone in the world. It is about conquering the weakness such as huge hatred toward someone and temptations for money, desires …etc… which all the people in this world have experienced in each lives…and made me think about many things after like… What is right things for each of us to do, If human could be judged by human…, if it is worth to fight against all the dark emotions and the weakness inside ourselves…, and if it is truly right for us to keep being faithful, honest and sincere to be happy…etc… Anyway, I recommend this movie. watch If you get a chance! 🙂


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