Japanese Tea Bowl and Tree Peony – Ikebana 茶器と牡丹


It has been about four month since my master stopped doing her Ikebana lessons where I was working as her assistant instructor for long time… She found a cancer in her stomack and had an operation in order to remove the cancer a few months ago. It seemed that She was getting better but she is quite old… I saw her about a week ago and she looked so tired and older…..made me feel a bit sad because she is originally a lively beautiful woman who is very powerful, bold but generous and has her dignity as a big flower of tree peony(just feels like the tree peony in the photo)… I really hope that she would recover from that cancer, get as well as she used to be soon and re-start her ikebana lessons… She is one of the important people in my life whom I get motivated by and am influenced by in many good ways… I did Ikebana with my best wishes for her today…:)

Flowers: Tree Peony(dark pink and white)

Container:Antique Japanese tea bowl

長い間、私が生徒として学びそしてアシスタントとしてお手伝いさせていただいた、お師匠がお稽古を休止してから約四ヶ月。先週久しぶりにお師匠の自宅にお伺いし、少しお話をしてきました。手術をし、療養中のお師匠は口先だけは以前と変わらず元気なのですが、やはりお歳なのもあり、制限された生活に少し疲れたような表情をしていました。花道と茶道、そしてお香の師範であるお師匠は、そのお淑やかそうな肩書きとは大違いで、全く気取っていない元気でパワフルで大胆で寛大だけどちょっと繊細で自然な品格と威厳のある優しくて強いお師匠。ちょうど、写真の色の混じった牡丹のような人。 (この牡丹を頂いた時にお師匠だ…と感じました) 私の人生に良い意味で大変影響のある大切な人の一人。 早く良くなるように…と思いながら立てました。






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