Learning Learning Learning…color, pattern and shape


continuasly being inspired by Schiele. Today, I tried to learn How color combinations work for the art impression and how to make a good balance with patterns and shapes …etc… In these study and process, I hopefully can find more ways to express my emotions and minds in my style…:) I originally studied oil painting from when I was a kid for about 10 yrs but have been doing no color Sumi ink painting and pencil drawing for this past few years as my style. I can not be that confindent enough to say that I am good at western style oil and acrylic painting although I have studied it for long time when I was younger. In addition to get back my old time skills of oil and acrylic painting, I really feel that I could learn many things by doing it with a different point of view that I didn’t have at the time I was studying at the school. Acrylic on canvas took about 2 hrs

引き続き… で、今日はラフに模写した裸体を元に自分なりに色のコンビネーション、パターン、形 バランスなど…お勉強。これやってるうちに、新たな表現方法…というか、やってて気持ちいいものがみつかるといいな〜。これ自体が久しぶりで楽しい。油彩、アクリルは子供の頃から十年位勉強してたけど、ここのところ自分のスタイルが大体墨か鉛筆かペンのモノクロだったので新鮮。あの頃持っていなかった視点でやると色んな新発見だね。
アクリル キャンバス 所要時間2時間程度


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