Purify my soul Ikebana-Dahlia, Fatsia and Blue fantasy

I usually can let things I feel ridiculous go quickly and move on…but lately, I have been distracted by unnecessary too much thinking… It is about very small stupid thing which is not even worth taking time to think… So I did ikebana to reboot myself today. It is the most effective way for me to get rid of distracting thoughts, to purify my soul and to stay with wide mental horizon. Take a deep breath, make my mind completely quiet, look around all surroundings, take a good look at the flower vase, face to the flowers and make a small universe.

Flowers: Dahlia, Fatsia and Blue fantasy
Container: Antique metal flower vase

馬鹿げた事はlet go and just move onですが、邪念の多い時や不要な考え事をしてしまったら、お花をたて自分をリセット。心を浄化して、深い理解力を養うと同時に広い視野を持ち続けるためにも私にとってはたいせつな事。深呼吸をし、心を静かに、周りを見渡し、花器をよくみて、お花に向き合い、小さな宇宙をつくる。スッキリです。

お花: ダリア、八つ手、ブルーファンタジー
花器: 金属製の骨董壺


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