Soulful Body #my very old work – oil, acrylic and drawing

photo 3

My very very old oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and wood boads. Some are still here… When I was orginaizing them, I realized one of them was missing… and found My gran’ma used it as an under mattress… Noooooo! but It is ok as long as it was useful for something and someone in any way…;P Well, These work are over a decade ago and could see How and what I was doing, thinking and feeling then…black women’s bodies totally got my heart then because it is so powerful and soulful and really adored the mature atmosphere of black music such as jazz and soul… I still do:)

二十代前半の頃のもの。ん〜… 黒人女性の力強い肉体と魂に憧れてたのでしょう。そして、ジャズやソウルのあの大人びた雰囲気に… 歳を重ねた今ではあまり背伸びすることはなくなりましたけど…年甲斐になく初心(というかアホ)ですけど…。色んな事にウキウキしてしまいます。
ちなみに、実家に保管しておいたら、うちのお婆ちゃんが木板に描いた一つをマットレスの下敷きにしてました…(ー ー;)




Inspiring song:p この曲大好き

Erykah Badu Annie don’t wear no panties


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