Cherry blossom flower motifs #2 illustration


Japanese are all waiting patiently for cherry blossom in spring. it comes along with the air of early spring…we feel it as new start, light of hope or something delightful and energetic… When I went to a small park bihind my house to see it, There were noone but me there and all the branches of cherry trees there were covered with fully bloomed small light pink flowers. It was as overwhelmingly fantastic as if there were some fairies are living in the trees. It felt as I was not in the real world. the atomosphere was like I was taken to somewhere else… and got scared a little… it was that much wonderful and powerful. I drew something of cherry blossom motif this year, too. the above image is what I did and looks like a pattern for Kimono. I hand drew some cherry blossom flowers below with copic pen, cut out on a Sumi ink paint and mix them all togther. it is like stencil.

日本人なら皆心待ちにしている桜の開花。昨年、実家の裏にある小さな公園へ桜を観に行った時、寂れた公園なので誰もおらず、全開の桜の木が並んでいる中で…ボーっとしていた時のこと。圧倒される程の桜、不思議な気分になってきてしまい、まるで妖精がいるような気がして、何かに吸い込まれそうな気がして、ちょっと怖くなってしまいました(お酒も飲んでないし、正気でした)…凄いですね、自然のパワーと何というかあの不思議な程のエネルギー… さて、今年も桜をモチーフにしたイラストを描いたのですが、今回はコピックペンで描いたもの(下)を墨の質感を出し上の画像のようにしました。着物の柄のようですね。


this is my cherry blossom I did a few yrs ago. 数年前に描いた桜

photo 1


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