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Sakura(cherry blossom) season is coming around the corner here in Japan. That is one of the most beautiful season. On the other hands, That reminds me of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami we had in 2011 when I feel the small buds of cherry tree grow to get ready for blooming. As you know, Japan is one of earthquake coutries. Most of them are small. The one We had in 2011 was the biggest earthquake/nature disaster I have experienced in my life. It has been two years. Although Many people from all around the world have been giving a lot of help getting the victimized people back to peaceful life and to recover the area devestated by the earthquake and the tsunami since then. Many of them have still been forced incovenient life in snowy chilly side of this country and not much of the devasted area have been recovered, yet. They’ve been trying to keep hopes in them and get back their peaceful ordinally life in spite of that they lost a lot of things and their families. They need more help. My good friends will hold a charity event for that. Thanks to them, my illustration was used for the flyer(I attached some images I did for it on this post and the image above was the one used). Although It is small thing, I am honored to be a part of the charity event. As you can see, I expressed that the power of each of us are small but we could make it a little bigger if we united. It is simple and easy. When people face some nature disasters like earthquake or tsunami we can not do anthing for them to stop but We can see and touch a lot of Loving, Helping, caring each others and Hopes which we tend to forget their importances in ordinally life. It may sounds ironic but We really confirm that We are living by the gift of the nature and Love from others around and Love in ourselves. I believe in that We have abilities to transform negative feelings in our emotions into positive feelings and positive power like transforming Sorrow into Love:) Some of my friends in UK asked for donation for Tohoku relief right after the disasters have hit by selling a compilation album The Sun Still Rises in The East(by a bridge too far recordings and the find magazine). my illustration was used for the cover and I was really grateful for their warm hearts for trying to help Japan and for them to let me be a part of that, too. Many of artists from around the world warmfully cooperated for the album. It has stopped for selling now but I attached the link of the charity compilation album below.


桜の季節が近づくと二年前の大きな天災を思い出します。生まれて始めての大きな地震と津波。考えると、今でも胸を締め付けられる程の悲しくて辛い出来事。私達には防ぎようのない天災を目の辺りにして、悲しみと絶望の中から人は希望と喜びと愛を見つけ出せる、生み出せるということを再確認した方も多いかと思います。そして、日ごろ忘れがちな当たり前のことがありがたく、自然の恩恵や周りの人の愛と自分から発する愛によって人は生かされているということ。日ごろのニュースを見ていると、なんと人間は愚かで強欲で醜いのかと感じることが多々ありますが、その反面、人間には愛や思いやりや優しさといった私達が生きる以上必要不可欠な心ももつ唯一の生き物。そして人間には悲しみや怒りといった暗い/醜い面を愛や優しさという美しく素晴らしいものに変える強さを持っていることを信じています。 東北での大震災の直後、ヨーロッパの友人がすぐさまチャリティー用のコンピレーションアルバムThe Sun still Rises in The East(下の画像リンク)を作り募金を募ってくれました。世界中のアーティスト達が協力してくれたお陰で沢山の方からの募金を頂けました。私は募金をしカバー用のイラストを提供することくらいしか出来ず歯痒い気持ちでしたが、世界中の人々の温かさとその素晴らしいプロジェクトの一部になれたことで胸がいっぱいになったのを今でも忘れません。今年、2年が経ち、まだまだ復興が進んでいない中、現地の多くの人々は苦しんでいるのが現状です。チャリティーイベントONE LOVEを友人達が開催するにあたり、小さな事ではありますが、イラストを使っていただけた事、また素晴らしいイベントの一部になれた事を光栄に思っています。ここでは、いくつか描いたうちの一部を紹介させていただきますが、上の画像は一人一人の力は小さくとも一つなれば何か出来ると言う主催者さんの思いを表現し描いたもので、フライヤーに使っていただきました。感謝と愛で一杯です:)

One Love 東日本大震災復興支援イベント/ 開催日時場所:3/10 at Bar Proceed(群馬県館林市本町3-1-5ホテル ニューシティ1階) 18:00~

One Love East Japan Disaster relief Charity event/ at Bar Proceed(Hotel New City #ground floor, 3-1-5 Honcho Tatebayashi, Gunma Japan) starts from 18:00


This is one of other work I did for the charity event. こちらもOne Love用に描いたものです。


The Sun Still Rises in The East *click my artwork below to listen the album. チャリティーコンピに興味のある方は下のアートワーク画像をクリック

For more info about the find magazine at

And For more info about a bridge too far recordings at


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