Oribe ware & Ikebana /Dahlia, Mimosa & Raspberry branches. illustration. 織部焼-生花 ダリア、ミモザ、木苺 & イラスト


I bought a flower vase for Ikebana today… it was an impulse purchase… I was not suppoused to buy anything for my ikebana today but the vase looked so beautiful and said to me “buy me… please buy me”… so I could not resist to make him joined my ikebana flower vase collection… when I buy a vase for ikebana arrangement, I take a look at the shape, the color and the material carefully. these three things of the flower vase are big parts of Ikebana arrangement. What I bought today is a quite challenging. How is my first ikebana arrangement with this vase?

Flowers: Dahlia(deep purple), Mimosa(yellow) and Raspberry branches(deep purple with green)

Container:Japanese Oribe ware(white base with black, deep green and reddish orange)





this is my dahlia drawing.



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