small illustrations for flyers. 小さなイラストforフライヤー


I am not a graphic designer. I am not good at doing my art stuff with computer…can do a little like editing, erasing something on my scanned artwork but just a little bit. Art and design… are different. The only thing I can do is Hand-drawing/painting and So Everytime I am asked if I could make some art for something like flyers, cd or vinyl covers…etc… I tell them I only can hand drawing/painting…can not do anything with some major graphic software such as illustrators or photoshop… My artwork needs a reliable graphic designer who has a goos tatste and can understand my art work well for being used for those commercial stuff. I know it is difficult for designers and also difficult for me to find a designer who can tell what he/she does for making good stuff with my artwork. It may need a good friendship and a mutual trust. designers and artists. These flyers introduced here were made with my small illustrations by one of my reliable graphic desingers(friend). They are a decade old but I personally still like them. As for doing some collaborations with some other artists, It is the same thing. I try to know the artist as a person and an artists before working on it in order to make the collaboration work two or more different art individualities well harmonized on one work.

if you are interested in about the difference between design and Art…(I don’t care about that much but some convincing stuff are written)






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