KIMONO Japanese old texistile pattern. 着物 織物 柄


Now a days, It’s become rare to see Japanese people in Kimono in daily life. Some people wear them in special occasion like wedding ceremonies, at new year’s day…etc… it is more like formal thing for us to wear them now. I know it is comfier to wear and easier to care but I am so impressed the quality of Japanese kimono texistile and the patterns Japanese in old days designed and have been really inspired by many of japanese traditional stuff since I came back to Japan. I happened to dropped in on this small place some old kimono was being shown on the way back home today. Most of the kinomo there were made in the early of Showa period. Some of them look so novel, new and still fresh to me. The drawing above I did many years ago and re-did around the kimono pattern today.



Dobie – Cloud 98 3/4


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