Chrysanthemum & Weeping Forsythia 菊と連翹


Chrysanthemum. One of my favorite flowers. They have been loved by Japanese people since ancient times as you can see on many of Japanese old paintings and crafts. Everytime I see them, I feel some modesty of Japanese women in the old days. This time, I used Sunrise-mum that is a bit larger than fist and chose some Weeping Forsythia as the matching material. the branches have small yellow flowers which set off the bright pink and yellow color of two sunrise-mums. Hope you can feel some spring which is almost there:)

*Material: Sunrise-mum(Pink and Yellow Chrysanthemum), Weeping Forsythia(yellow)

*Container:Antique Hibachi(a small japanese charcoal heating appliance)




This is one of my old work I drew Chrysanthemums.



Copyright(C)2013 NOLITA. All rights reserved.


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